Iowa Sheep Industry Association Scholarship

This is a one-time $500.00 scholarship awarded to high school seniors who will be attending a two or four-year college. Applicants must have involvement in and a passion for the sheep industry.

Iowa Sheep Industry Association 2024 Scholarship

This is a one-time $500.00 scholarship awarded to high school seniors who will be attending a two or four-year college.

Applicants must have an involvement and a passion for the sheep industry. The award is based on individual scholastic performance, leadership, citizenship and participation in sheep related activities.

The scholarship will be awarded directly to the recipient. Payment will be made after the recipient provides the mid-term grades for the first-semester of college to the scholarship committee.

The recipient will be asked to work one day at the Iowa State Fair Lamb Food Stand, and provide a newsletter article about themselves for publication in the Iowa Sheep Industry Association Newsletter.


  1. Complete Scholarship Application Form and
  2. Attach Two (2) non-family letters of recommendation, with contact
  3. Provide a brief cover letter addressing “Why I am applying for this scholarship”.
  4. Attach a current GPA
  5. Mail to:
    Iowa Sheep Industry Association
    PO BOX 161
    Newton, IA 50208
  6. The application must be postmarked no later than April 30, 2024.
Download Form (PDF)

ISIA Scholarship Application Online Form

  • A. Personal Information

Past Scholarship Winners

Megan Osborn

My name is Megan Osborn and I am thrilled to be awarded the ISIA Scholarship in 2019.  I’d like to thank the committee for this opportunity to further my education at Kirkwood Community College to study Ag Production and play volleyball.  After my associates degree, I plan to transfer to Iowa State University to study animal science.  I graduated from Boone High School, Boone, Iowa on May 19, 2019.  My sheep experience began when I was born.  My Mom has raised sheep for over 30 years.  We have been members of the Iowa Sheep Industry Association for many years.  I have tagged along with my mom and family working the ISIA Iowa State Fair food stand since I can remember.  It was always a treat to “get to work” in the food stand.  I have grown up in the sheep barn at our county Fair, as my mom has been Boone County Sheep Superintendent for many years. I have helped assemble and grill lamb kabobs the day of the sheep show.  I enjoy promoting our products.  I have worked at the ISU Animal Learning Day, sponsored by Block and Bridle at Iowa State promoting American Lamb, and handing out leg of lamb samples for the past 3 years with my Mom and brother.  I started raising sheep when I was just walking. I would help my older brother and sisters walk their sheep and get them ready for fair.  My brother Kevin’s last year of showing was in 2009 when I was 9 years old.  I remember he had to work the day before the show, so I slick sheared his sheep with my mom and I washed and got them all ready for showing the next day.  The next year, I was ready to show.  The above picture I’m pictured with my oldest sister Jennie giving me pointers on my first year in the ring.  Most years I show 6 market lambs and 2 commercial ewes.  I usually bring back a yearling the following year.  I have been a youth member of the Boone County Sheep committee for about the past 6 years.  I don’t think I’ve ever missed a weigh-in during April or at the fair.  My life has revolved around the sheep.  I’ve done everything from giving shots, to assisting ewes with lambing problems.  I have to help my little brother with his sheep now. He is in his third year in 4-H.  He has Down syndrome, so it takes a little more effort on my family’s part to assist him at home, but he’s doing really well, and enjoys the sheep.  I’m picture off to the right side with my brother.  Now I’m the one giving him pointers on how to show his sheep.

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